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Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Lambda Meter


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Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) meter for 'wide band' Bosch LSU4.9 sensors



Wide band Lambda Air Fuel Ratio Meter  Air Fuel Ratio Mixture Sensor


Economical Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) meter & display Interfaces to DYNertia3 or data loggers, It can also be used as a professional ‘stand-alone’ unit (or easily mounted within an instrument cluster). A perfect tool for displaying AFR or Lambda, for both tunning and diagnostics.


The WBX AFR includes the latest Bosch LSU4.9 wideband oxygen sensor for reliable and accurate operation.


The red LED digital display is bright even in direct sunlight and the coloured LED’s around the face give the appearance of an analogue gauge for easy reading under rapidly changing conditions.


With a few button presses the meter displays either Lambda or Air Fuel Ratio (AFR).


High accuracy and fast response are key design features of the WBX AFR/Lambda meter and wide range (λ = 0.55 to 2.00 or Gasoline AFR: 8 to 20) ensures compatibility with different fuel types.


0-5V analogue linear output voltage is generated with ’10 bit’ precision and 500Hz speed, not a cheap filtered PWM signal like many competitors. Serial RS232 data and CAN output for data loggers (optional use if required).

Kit Contents-

• Compact AFR/Lambda meter with built-in bright LED digital and analogue display. Bezel mounted.
• Bosch LSU 4.9 Lambda (Oxygen) sensor (0.5m wiring)
• Sensor harness (3.6m)
• Power supply harness (1.6m)
• Sensor ‘weld–in’ bung (M18 x 1.5 thread)

 Click on the icon below to view the AFR/Lambda meter guide-

Air Fuel Ratio AFR Meter

Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Meter



Description Part #
AFR Extension Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) meter extension cable WB-Ext


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