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Load Control Systems ('closed loop' brake dyno control) Images-


Eddy Current Brake Dyno (dynamometer) kit Eddy Dyno Retarder Control
PWM Dyno Controller Brake Retarder Controller


Dyno software Eddy current control step

'Step' test setup window for retarder control


Dynamometer software Eddy current control ramp

'Ramp' test setup window for retarder control


Dyno software Eddy current control profile

'User' defined profile (Timeline) for retarder and throttle, can also control recording points


Eddy Dyno Retarder Control Eddy Retarder Control

'Ramp' test run control window

'Manual' control of retarder via software

Dyno Data Acquisition

Dyno data viewing screen for 'steady state' tuning and to view input channel data


Dynamometer Testing Software

Setup screen for managing saved 'Timelines', selecting throttle control, setting limits and manual step sizes


Dyno Software Dyno controller outputs

Summary of dyno test 'Timeline' ('step' down shown) settings

Auxiliary output control panel


DIY Dyno System

Setup window for initial system configuration, setting limits and tuning the control system

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