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Driver Board- Fuel Injector & Ignition Coil Test Board


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Driver for Fuel Injector & Ignition Coil testing


 Ignition Coil & Fuel Injector Tester    Fuel Injector / Ignition Driver Lead

‘Driver Board’ allows the convenient switching of fuel injectors and ignition coils from a low power input signal.

 It can easily form part of testing equipment for such tasks as injector (high impedance) flow testing, measuring ‘dead time’ (voltage dependent delays) or ignition coil testing and dwell time mapping (voltage, time, coil current).

  • For fuel injector testing/parameterising it takes care of voltage protection and controls the magnetic field collapse in a way that mimics aftermarket and vehicle manufacturers ECU’s, this is the only way to get valid test data.
  • For ignition coil testing/parameterising it allows switching of very high currents and avoids too low a primary voltage cut-off that limits secondary output voltage.

Signal generators such as DTec’s ‘Pulser’ are ideal for running the driver board; this allows detailed parameterising of coils and injectors. The injectors/coils can be run from an independent power supply so their voltage can be varied.

The manual provided gives insight into these applications.


Click on the icon below to view the Driver manual-

Igntion Coil / Injector Tester

Driver Board Manual


Popular Accessories -

The accessory below is not required, but may help if you do not have an alternative signal generator.  'Click' on the links for full descriptions.



Description Part #
Pulser PWM & Pulse Generator PWM2


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