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Thank you for considering the purchase of the Eddy Current Load Controller.


Please note that this product is currently available for Australia / New Zealand customers only.

# International sales will need to email us to discus suitability with local mains voltage/current/frequency.


By purchasing this unit you understand that the software needs configuring and the components need wiring to appropriate legal standards. It is not a 'turn key' system. Read the appropriate guides and manual on our 'Download' page to confirm suitability and that you are capable of installing/operating safely.


Your Eddy Current retarder must be suitably configured and have adequate insulation quality to suit the control voltage (approximately 192V DC if load controller is directly mains powered).


All User set calibration factors must be accurate for the system to operate and read correctly - this is entirely the users responsibility.


You must also agree to the following:


DTec accepts no responsibility as to the suitability, reliability or accuracy of the DYNertia3 Software and Hardware when used in a "User Constructed / User Calibrated - Do it Yourself" Dyno System.


Please email us if you have any questions.


Eddy current dyno system



Eddy current 'closed loop' brake dyno kit (includes DYN3)

Eddy current power supply and controller kit allows DYnertia3 to have full 'closed loop' control of the retarder. It operates from mains voltage and interfaces to DYNertia3 (DYN3) electronic system. Eddy current controller has additional outputs including a servo output for automated throttle control during testing.

Kit also includes the DYNertia3 (DYN3) electronic controller, speed sensor, load cell amplifier (LCAMP), high speed USB hub/isolator and control software.


Australia / New Zealand only

Eddy current power supply


Eddy current power supply & 'closed loop' dyno controller

For existing DYNertia3 owners upgrading to 'closed loop' Eddy brake control (as in above DYN3-EC kit). Includes software and speed sensor.


Australia / New Zealand only


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