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Pulser - Variable Duty Cycle (PWM) Driver & Pulse Generator


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Variable duty cycle & frequency driver for testing PWM & pulse driven devices.


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Professional heavy duty diagnostic tool for driving components that use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM or ‘duty cycle’ control) in their operation. Pulser can also produce pulses of a programmable Hi/Lo duration and count out a set number of these.


Devices that require changing current levels to operate usually have this controlled by varying the 'duty cycle', that is the On:Off ratio is altered (frequency however is fixed). This technique is very efficient for modern vehicle control units to implement.


The drawback for technicians testing these components and systems has been the lack of Hi current driver units to accurately simulate the operation. Not any more, 'Pulser’ can accurately vary the duty cycle and frequency as required to test the operation of a whole range of components.


Pulser also has an auxiliary output that drives a signal out to act as a signal generator for testing power transistors, ignition modules or other devices triggered from a square wave signal. It forms the perfect foundation for injector flow testing or Ignition coil dwell testing (voltage vs time) with our 'Driver Board' accessory if required. The manual provided gives insight into these applications.


It is a powerful and rugged diagnostic tool, countless uses! A small sample of applications that Pulser can be used for -


Specific examples:

  • Timing valve control (TCV)

  • Rotary quantity actuator (as in VE-EDC etc)

  • Rack position solenoid

  • Common Rail pressure regulators

  • Petrol fuel injector testing/parameterising

  • Ignition coil testing/dwell mapping

  • Idle device control

General examples:

  • EGR valves

  • Running an injector flow test rig

  • Boost control actuators

  • Fuel pump control

  • Electric motor speed control

  • PWM alternator regulator testing

Key Features

  • PWM duty cycle can be from 0-100% in 1% steps

  • PWM frequency can be altered from 10Hz to 10kHz in convenient steps

  • Pulse Lo and Hi periods can be set from 15 - 65400μs in 1μs steps or 150 - 654000μs in 10μs steps

  • A set number of pulses can be produced from 1 to 5000 (or continuous)

  • Precision microprocessor controlled, settings are stored in memory so they remain when turned off

  • Output can be quickly switched off/on, allows for quick comparisons (e.g. if checking diesel pump timing vales) 

  • Continuous current of > 55 Amps* due to Ultra low resistance when on (minimal power loss and heating)

  • Can handle brief currents of >500 Amps

  • Rugged aluminium case with 4 convenient mounting tabs

  • Screw type terminals allow easy connection. 

  • Auxiliary output sends out a signal (up to 50mA driven both Hi and Lo) to test devices requiring a square wave input

*The current rating depends on factors such as fuse & wire sizing, speed of switching, temperature etc. The lower the switching frequency, the higher the current capability. Pulser was designed for demanding uses, if you are unsure of it's suitability for your application then please contact us.


Click on the icon below to view the Pulser manual-

PWM Pulser Manual

Pulser Manual


Popular Accessories -

The accessory below is not required, but may be helpful if testing fuel injectors or ignition coils.  'Click' on the links for full descriptions.



Description Part #
Driver Board Injector & Ignition Coil Driver DRV


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