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RC Chassis & Engine Dyno's


Looking to build an Engine or Chassis Dyno for RC (Radio Controlled) car testing?  then you may wish to consider making a simple inertia dyno using our DYNertia3 system. 


Our experiments showed that the smaller the engine power then the harder it is to get good results with 'brake' style dyno's. This is due to the systems friction, vibration levels and inertia all being large in relation to the measurable power. Scaling of the load cell range is also an issue as the required sensitivity leads to fluctuations in the data (induced mechanically) that needs heavy filtering.  


Due to the relatively low power outputs (compared to Kart, bike and car) the requirements for an inertia mass are very low. This allows inexpensive manufacturing by almost any local engineering firm.


The 'Gallery' page has some construction ideas from customers and below are images of a prototype RC chassis dyno we used to test some concepts. This unit was a modular construction which could be sized to any requirement. 


RC Chassis Dyno

Remote Control Car Dyno


The unit shown above has a solid 42cm long knurled roller and can have additional inertia mass added if required.

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