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'S' Type Dyno Load Cell


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'S' type load cells for dyno torque measurement


Dyno Load Cell Torque Measurement


Brake (absorber) type dyno's apply a load (e.g. Eddy current brake) against the engine and the torque applied is measured on a ‘load cell’.  This is typically an 'S-beam' type which can measure in both compression or tension mounting configurations.


  • Suitable for tension or compression measurements       
  • 200kg (440lbs) capacity or 500kg (1100lbs)
  • Precision 'S' type load cell, class C3 accuracy 
  • Easy mounting (M12 x 1.75) for eyelets, rose joints or bolts


Load cells also require an amplifier (also called 'signal conditioner', 'transmitter' or 'strain gauge' amplifier) to provide them with power and to increase their output voltage to a usable range.


We offer a selection of load cell sizes to cover most dyno applications, use the appropriate tool below to assist in choosing the best size for your application.


Click on the icon below to view the attached information booklet-

Load Cell Dynamometer Torque

Load Cell Data Sheet - 200kg Chassis Dyno Design Tool Brake Chassis Dyno Design Tool

Load Cell Dyno Torque Sensor

Load Cell Data Sheet - 500kg Engine Dyno Design Tool Brake Engine Dyno Design Tool

Popular Accessories -

The accessories below may be required if you do not have an equivalent available. 'Click' on the links for full descriptions.



Description Part #
Load Cell Amplifier Load Cell Amplifier LCAMP

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