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Thermocouple Amplifier - K type sensor amplifier

Thermocouple Amplifier


Finally, an affordable and flexible thermocouple amplifier for 'K type' sensors. Allows temperature recording/reading on any data logger or meter.  'K' type sensors can measure up to 1000 deg Celsius and are available in many styles, they are ideal for extreme temperatures such as exhaust gas measurements and turbo applications where conventional temperature sensors are useless.


Just plug in any ‘K’ sensor and ThermoAmp delivers a precision output of 5mV per deg Celsius that can be fed directly into aftermarket ECU’s, panel meters, multimeters, data loggers and of course DTec's DYNertia dyno system.


Key Features

  • Easy Installation - 3 wires, just provide power (max 18V) and the output wire is ready to read

  • Very compact - only 80 x 18 x 9mm (body + connector) easy mounting even in difficult application

  • Output 5mV/deg Celsius, Hi current (Low impedance with noise filtering)

  • Common/compact 'miniature' style connector

  • Wide range of sensors commercially, and inexpensively available

  • Leads are not terminated, you can hardwire or fit any connector of your choice

  • High quality electronics allows precision under all conditions

Click on the icon below to view the attached information sheet -

Thermocouple Amplifier

ThermoAmp Data Sheet


Optional Accessories:

Thermocouple Probes offer direct connection to ThermoAmp.  'Click' on the link below for full descriptions.



Thermocouple Probes Assorted K-Type Probes


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