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Thermocouple Probes, EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature ‘pyro’, K type


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EGT Thermocouple Probe

K type thermocouple probe, perfect as both EGT ‘pyro’ (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and general measurement applications. High quality!

  • 3mm diameter, 152.4mm (6”) long probe sheath  

  • 310 Stainless Steel, mineral insulated probe sheath for high temperatures 1100ºC (2012ºF)

  • Probe can be easily bent to desired shape

  • Probe tip is ungrounded for maximum performance in electrically ‘noisy’ automotive environments.

  • Stainless steel over-braid on a Teflon lead, resists abrasions and cuts, yet remains flexible

  • long 1m (40") length lead

  • Spring strain relief prevents "pinching" of the lead wire

  • Miniature male K-type connector featuring a cable clamp

Thermocouple Compression Fitting

Compression fitting for above probe, weld-in or thread (easily make adapters)

  • Ferrule design (tapered 'gland') for positive pressure sealing, suits 3mm probes

  • Stainless steel, heavy duty construction

  • 1/8" BSPT male thread

Self Adhesive Thermocouple Sensor

Self-Adhesive Thermocouples, ideal for crank case temperature (vital for consistent 2 stroke dyno testing), radiator, intercooler or hose temperatures etc.

  • Surface temperatures up to 250ºC (482ºF) with no external epoxy or cement required

  • Fast response sensor secured down with high temperature rated PTFE impregnated fiberglass cloth

  • Self adhesive (just peel off backing and stick to cleaned surface)

  • Pad is only 20 x 25mm (0.79 x 1")

  • Teflon coated wires, 2m (78.7") long

  • Miniature male K-type connector


DYNertia3 connection:


Thermocouples only produce tiny voltages and these need to be amplified before connecting to DYNertia3. 


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