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$15 to $19 (based on items)  - Standard Postage & Handling Cost (added during checkout to the total price when paying via 'PayPal') : 

  • Australia:  Express Post - Quick delivery, Tracked service

$65 to $69.00 (based on items) - International Express Postage Required outside of Australia:


For ALL orders outside of Australia 'International Express' is required, an additional $50 will be added to the standard postage.  Click on 'Add to Cart' in the 'Products' page to purchase this service.



Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added to all Australian orders (10%) .


Import Duty:

Please note that some destination countries charge import duty on products imported, and these duties need to be paid by the purchaser.


Methods of payment:

Secure payments using credit card & debit cards can be made via PayPal using the payment buttons ("Add to Cart") provided at the bottom of each product page. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use this service. For more details visit PayPal internet bank here, it's quick, safe ,easy and they will be the only ones privy to your card details.  However, if you wish to make payment via alternative methods (cheque, direct deposit EFT or money order) then please contact us for details at contact@dtec.net.au

DTec PayPal Options



Goods will not be despatched until payment has cleared.  

GST is not applicable on DTec products and will not be added to the price.

All prices are Australian Dollars (AUD$) Currency Converter

Terms and Conditions

All products manufactured by DTec carry a 1 year limited warranty unless otherwise stated.


The warranty will become void if:

a) The product has been modified by any person outside of DTec without the express authorisation by DTec, or if the product has been subject to damage by impact, vibration, fluid or other material. 

b) The product was installed or used in configuration or conditions beyond the standard instructions in the product manual.


If you have a problem with goods sold to you by DTec, and we cannot resolve the issue by email or over the phone, then we will repair or replace the faulty goods as quickly as possible.

Note:  Only in exceptional circumstances will we send replacement goods before we see your returned unit.

We hope that you do not have to use our warranty or repair service, however, if you find that you do have problems that require fixing then we apologise for the inconvenience.  We also take the opportunity to learn from each warranty case and would appreciate detailed feedback in regards to any issues you are experiencing.  This will in turn allow us to make improvements to our products and services in the future.

Please follow the instructions below for all warranty returns.

Warranty exception for AFR Sensor:

WB2 AFR Sensor Warranty Sensor Warranty

Return Procedure

  • Ensure that the product is in fact faulty and has not just been set up incorrectly

  • Contact DTec to discuss the fault prior to returning, the issue may be resolved without returning the goods

  • If the goods need to be returned please send via a registered service

  • If sending from overseas please ensure that you indicate on the customs declaration form that the goods being returned are the subject of a warranty claim and have NO commercial value

  • If your return address is different to your address supplied in your original order please advise us

Shipping Costs

We expect you to pay your own shipping costs to us, and if we find your problem is due to our negligence, we will pay for the return shipping costs back to you.  In some circumstances we will reimburse your return shipping costs. If there is no fault found we reserve the right to charge you the return shipping costs.


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