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Product Information, Manuals and Tools-

Attached below are various downloads in relation to DTec Products.  For more information, or to purchase any of the products below click on the product name and you will be directed to the relevant product page.


DTec Inertia Dyno Software

To view our DYNertia3 software instruction videos please click here and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Click here for info on latest DYNertia3 software (V3.4.7)



Inertia and brake (absorber) dynamometer system for inexpensive DIY dyno construction.  

Quick Start Inertia and 'Open Loop' Dyno Guides   
DTec Dynertia Dyno Manual, Home Made DIY Dynamometer DYNertia3 Manual
Inertia Chassis Quick Start Inertia Chassis Quick Start
  Inertia Engine Quick Start Inertia Engine Quick Start
  Brake Chassis Quick Start Brake Chassis Quick Start
  Brake Engine Quick Start Brake Engine Quick Start
Dyno Design Tools Inertia Dyno Design Tool, Home Made Dynamometer Inertia Dyno Design Tool V3
  DTec Inertial Dyno Design Guide, Home Made Inertia Dyno Design Guide
  Chassis Dyno Design Tool Brake Chassis Dyno Design Tool V3
  Engine Dyno Design Tool Brake Engine Dyno Design Tool V3
  Sensor Calibration Tool


'Weather Watch' is an option for DYNertia3 dynamometer system, it can also be used as a 'track side' tuning aid to monitor changing weather conditions and adjust your tuning to the current RAD (Relative Air Density).

WeatherWatch Manual WeatherWatch Manual
  Relative Air Density & Tuning Air density and tuning, jetting with RAD
RPM Adapter
Signal conditioner, suitable for DYNertia3's digital input.
RPM signal conditioner, pulse shaper RPM Adapter Information

Load Cell Amplifier

Load cells require an amplifier to provide them with power and to increase their output voltage to a usable range. 

Load Cell Amplifier Transmitter Load Cell Amplifier Data Sheet

Dyno Load Cell

Brake type dyno's apply a load against the engine and the torque applied is measured on a ‘load cell’. 

Load Cell Dynamometer Torque Load Cell Data Sheet - 200kg


All DTec downloads and technical articles are provided FREE. During our research and development we often need to develop custom tools that assist us in the implementation of our projects, we have decided to provide these to you so that you too can benefit from our experiences. Feedback welcome, please enjoy!

Technical Articles Include-

  • Inertia dyno design guide

  • Brake dyno design guide

  • Temperature sensor calibration

  • Airflow bench design, DIY

  • Testing fuel mixtures (Lambda) after a converter

  • Design an accurate fuel mixture probe ('Tailpipe' Lambda)

  • Air density and tuning, the effect of RAD

  • Ignition coil dwell time and mapping

  • Ignition coil energy testing, DIY approach

  • Multi spark ignition systems, Inductive

  • High energy ignition upgrade

  • Fuel injector data & flow rate converter

  • TDC (Top Dead Centre) finder

  • Ultimate automotive 'back probe' construction

Follow this link to review these articles

Additional Downloads-

CamView software

Superimpose a graticule scale (detailed 'crosshairs') on top of a live webcam image, ideal for machinists to use for centre and edge finding in a mill or lathe. Makes those difficult measuring and machining operations a breeze! 

CamView Manual

CamView Manual

CamView Software

CamView Software

Simple CamView Hardware Example

Simple CamView Hardware Example


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