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Load cell amplifier for dyno 'S' type and 'Beam' type sensors


Load Cell Amplifier Dyno Strain Gauge


Brake type dyno's apply a load (e.g. using an Eddy current brake) against the engine and the torque applied is measured on a ‘load cell’. 

Load cells require an amplifier (also called 'signal conditioner', 'transmitter' or 'strain gauge' amplifier) to provide them with power and to increase their output voltage to a measurable range. 

This amplifier is suitable for interfacing to DYNertia3 and other data acquisition systems; it has an output in the 0-5V
range and can be set for typical 2mV/V (as DTec generally provide) or 3mV/V sensitivity load cells.

 This is a precision amplifier circuit with low temperature drift and long-term stability. 

  • Compatible with ‘S” or ‘beam’ type load cells, optimised for common 2mV/V or 3mV/V sensitivity load cells.
  • Outputs range 0-5V, either direct or low-pass filtered (special noise reduction circuitry added)
  • 'Span' and 'Offset' adjustment is provided to maximise the resolution of your load cell. 
  • Wide power supply range from 12V to 26V
  • Input overvoltage, overcurrent and output short circuit protection
  • Easy connection via internal screw type terminal block


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Load Cell Amplifier Transmitter

Load Cell Amplifier Data Sheet

Popular Accessories -

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Description Part #
Load Cell Load Cell - 'S' Type SLC200 SLC500


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