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Dyno Software and Hardware Updates


Version 3.4.7 of DYNertia3 is now available, please email us if you did not receive the update email with link.


Updating from V3.4.2 to V3.4.6 to the new V3.4.7 is simple and FREE. Our 'updater' program automatically updates a file on your PC and doesn't alter your current settings or files.


Benefits of upgrading to the new software:

  • We can only support the latest software

  • Benefit from our continual improvements and bug fix's

  • V3.4.7 has many essential improvements, particularly around Graph filtering, CSV export, calculator, sensor lists

#   If you have software earlier than V3.4.2 email us for a link to full software ('updater' program only updates V3.4.2 to V3.4.6)


#   If you have very old software (V3.2.0 and earlier) then we will update your hardware also to allow the new V3.4.7 software to run, it wont run with your old hardware. Updating to latest hardware is FREE,  BUT there is a charge for packaging and handling of the new hardware components (chips) if you require them. All units shipped after 1/9/16 had new hardware incorporated.


Example of why to upgrade the hardware to run new software-  It adds continuous data streaming ( even when there's no engine / roller rotation ), Post run file naming ( i.e. do the run THEN decide if its worth keeping, improved data transmission, quicker printing, lots more "in run" displays etc. etc.......... its got the same "feel" as your old  version but countless improvements.


Please email us for details. The hardware update is done by YOU ( its not difficult ) and requires you to unplug and replace a chip.


#  If you have a very early DYNertia3 unit with USB socket instead of a USB lead please email us.


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