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Eddy brake & inertia dyno control system


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Brief outline of DTec product groups and information (click on images or links for more detail)


Inertia and Brake Dynamometer System,  kart, bike ,car, model Inertia Dynamometer System,  Home Made DIY Bike Inertia and brake Dynamometer, homemade

DYNertia3 Dynamometer Systems


Inertia and brake (open loop) dynamometer systems for inexpensive DIY dyno construction or upgrading of existing dyno's.


Your very own dyno's in easy reach!



Weather Station  Weather Racing Software Dyno Atmospheric Correction

Weather Watch

Weather station for 'stand alone' track tuning or as DYNertia3 interface. 


Comes with viewing and recording software or with a DYNertia3 system it automatically corrects dyno data.


Thermocouple Amplifier K TypeTacho and Ignition Signal Conditioner for Dyno

Dyno Load Cell Amplifier Strain Gauge

load cell dyno torque sensor s type

Thermocouple Probe EGT Pyro SensorSelf Adhesive Thermocouple Sensor K Type Wide band Lambda Air Fuel Ratio MeterLSU 4.9 Lambda AFR Wide Band SensorLambda Extension Cable - LSU4.9

Data Acquisition Accessories

Accessories for DYNertia3 or for general data logging.


- AFR / Lambda controllers

- RPM sensing interface

- Thermocouple amplifiers (K Type)

- K Type temperature probes

- Resistive air, coolant & surface temp

FREE Tech Articles: 

  • Inertia dyno design guide

  • Brake dyno design tools

  • Temperature sensor calibration

  • Airflow bench design, DIY

  • Testing fuel mixtures (Lambda) after a converter

  • Design an accurate fuel mixture probe ('Tailpipe' Lambda)

  • Air density and tuning, the effect of RAD

  • Ignition coil dwell time and mapping

  • Ignition coil energy testing, DIY approach

  • Multi spark ignition systems, Inductive

  • High energy ignition upgrade

  • Fuel injector data & flow rate converter

  • TDC (Top Dead Centre) finder

  • Ultimate automotive 'back probe' construction

FREE Downloads: 

  • Product manuals, guides, data sheets
  • Design Tools
  • CamView software for machinist, centre and edge finding with a webcam.


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