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Back PRObe - Professional flexible automotive test back probes & insulation piercers


Test Probes Automotive Back Probe Tool

Flexible Test Back Probe

Back Probe Automotive Test


Made by professionals, for professionals. No gimmicks, a design that was born out of necessity but evolved with experience.


Modern high density connectors and complex systems require careful approaches when it comes to diagnostics. Accessing the signals must offer minimal disturbance and be efficient (time is money).


Our secret is the fine spring steel wire; it allows the probe to flex past connector seals and housings to get a good electrical contact.


We have some of the smallest probe diameters available, only our quality spring steel wire allows this.


This small diameter wire also allows a very sharp tip, so insulation piercing is no hassles. Not our preferred test method, but sometimes you just do what you have to do to get the job done!

  • 4 probes, with 2 diameters in each kit-

            Red, Yellow          0.62mm (0.024”)        General purpose

            Green , White       0.50mm (0.020”)        Extra fine

  • Gold plated 4mm banana socket connector

  • Narrowest diameter connector body for those tight spaces

  • Flexible spring steel probe wires, easily resharpened

  • Bright colours to reduce the chance of leaving in an engine bay

  • Hand made in Australia


Q: I can go on eBay and buy cheap Chinese test probes?

A: We have and we haven’t found any we like. We made these probes available due to a lack of alternatives suitable for professional use.


Q: Fluke (and knock offs) make a probe that flex?

A: They only flex’s at the socket end (spring mount pin), the wire itself doesn’t flex and also check out the large diameter.


Q: Some probes I have seen offer replaceable wires?

A: Our wires are soldered in for electrical integrity. Besides, no gimmicks, why would I want to replace poor quality, large diameter and inflexible probe tips with the exact same?


Price is in AUD$ and includes FREE postage within Australia!


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